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PIGMALIÃOesculturaquemexe creates, produces, and presents puppet theatre. The group’s work starts from the research on construction and manipulation of traditional techniques, developing those techniques and then transposing them to the contemporaneous scene. Working over different styles, the PIGMALIÃO investigates the possibilities to give movement to sculptures.


The group’s members come from the theatre, arts, and circus. They work with the marionettes’ creation, building and manipulation. They take part, as well, in the conception of costume and set designing. Also, they prepare courses and workshops, spreading the techniques developed by the group.


Certain to be a family, the components of this picture pose now automatically immortalized. A young couple with two children. At the moment is enought just observe them individually, all analyzes that will be made ​​on each of them will clear the comprehension of the whole which they form.

Language: No text


Age group: 16 years

Genre:  Directed Manipulation - show for stage

Duration: 15 minutes (short scene).



Seu Geraldo is a friendly and irreverent guitarist who spends his life traveling, singing and telling stories to the audience. He is an old man from Minas Gerais, with a singular figure. He performs his show with his girlfriend, Dona Catarina, and his sister, Ana, by his side. The three old masters bring out old songs and their repertoire choices are always surprising. They kindly invite their audience into the conversation where stories are never lacking.

It’s a musical show with puppets created by puppeteer Eduardo Felix, who found inspiration for his creation in his homeland, the small Crucilândia, located in Minas Gerais. The interpreter and manipulator of the characters improvises to create an atmosphere of direct communication with the audience. The puppets, although extremely complex, appear to be really tiny people who live in a miniature world.


“Seu Geraldo: Voz e Violão” is a musical show with a popular range that creates an atmosphere of warmth and direct communication with the audience. The freshness of improvisation makes the interaction with the public easy and comfortable. This show will bring out memories with its repertoire that touches all ages.

Language: Portuguese, English, French, Italian or Spanish.

Age group: Free

Genre: String Puppet - show for stage or street

Duration: 45 to 60 minutes, depending on audience interaction. No intervals.




No matter the place, no matter who is there. Bira and Bede, twin sisters identical in appearance but opposite in personality, seem to be waiting for something or someone that never comes up. Already in old age they walk around the city looking and inventing activities to fill the time of everyday. The interaction with the audience comes sometimes as a relief, sometimes as a protest of their inability to be separated, required by the custom to be always tighether . But despite their uninviting looks and their huge statures, they strive to join the multitude.


Language: No text


Age group: All ages

Duration: 30 min (the intervention can be repeated by negotiation).

Genre: Habitable Puppet – show for street and alternative spaces



The shows





Address: Rua Pouso Alegre, 155 - Floresta

Belo Horizonte/MG - Brasil

CEP: 31110-010



Phone :  (55) (31) 3421-4682


A Filosofia na Alcova (La Philosophie dans le boudoir) is an adaptation, for puppet theatre, of the Marquis de Sade’s namesake book. In the play, it is used a particular manipulation technique, that enables marionettes to move precisely and realistically. This technique is unprecedented in Brazil, being used just in few countries. On stage, there are six performers, that not only manipulate the puppets but also interact with them. They perform the story about the young and pretty Eugénie’s sexual education, under the principles and views of her unique masters Saint-Ange and Dolmancé. Interweaving philosophic speeches about sexuality, religion and social customs, arguing for the individual pleasure above any rule or law, the depraved girls’ masters push the boundries of their teaching.


A Filosofia na Alcova invites the audience to a reflective experience, combining humor, sensuality, terror and pity; all of this, searching for theatres’ most important function: it’s catharsis.

Language: Portuguese with subtitles


Age group:  18 years

Genre: String Puppets - show for stage


Duration:  80 minutes.





"You are dust and to dust you shall return." This is the starting point of the scene short "Verbo" which deals with the creation of man, addressing its fragility and its condition in the world I an assembly intimate freely inspired by the book of Genesis.


Language: No text


Age group: Free

Genre: Directed Manipulation - show for stage or alternative ambient without light

Duration: 15 minutes (short scene) 





The moment a flash reveals beyond superficiality. Shows the fragile structure behind this perfect image. Secrets posts to the ground. Suspension time. Each of its members expose their most intimate and secret desires. All are mirrors. All together. A family gathering in which reality, the simulacrum and delirium are confronted in a more than true picture.


Language:  No text


Age group:  16 years


Show for stage


Duration:  60 minutes



The humans world is threatened by a huge infestation of strange rats. What people do not know is that behind the apparent fragility and submision of these creatures, hides a organized structure, smart and stubborn. And what the rats do not know is that the humans also have their secrets beyond the social masks.


Language:  No text


Age group:  14 years


Show for stage


Duration:  60 minutes

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